• Pressure Reducing Valves

    Pressure reducing valves are primary pressure-relieved proportional controllers and depending on the minimum pressure range, either spring loaded or air loaded piston or membrane-controlled.

  • Safety & Relief Valves

    Valves for safeguarding against impermissible overpressure or for discharging excess volumetric or mass flows from pressure vessels and pipelines in the fields of food and pharmacy sanitary sectors and Oil & Gas production, maritime engineering etc.

  • Differential pressure control valve

    Differential pressure control valves for industrial, foodstuffs and pharmaceutical plants are fully relieved either piston or membrane control proportional valves, and spring loaded depending on the differential pressure range.

  • Initial Pressure Controller

    Initial Pressure Controller for the control of a constant initial pressure in a plant, for use in the food and pharmacy sectors. To be used in conjunction with pressure reducing valves for maintaining a constant pressure in the pressure vessel.

  • Vacuum & Pressure Relief Valve

    In order to protect pressure of tank and medium, They protect against vacuum and overpressure conditions in inert tanks (sterile air or neutral gas), optimising line and equipment cleaning.

  • Temperature Control valves

    Widely used for controlling heating and cooling systems for indoor heating, industrial or marine purposes.
    Version for outdoor installation is available too. The controllers can regulate cold or hot water, steam, oil or lubricating liquids.

  • Sampling Valves

    Sanitary Sampling valve, Aseptic Sampling valve Application for sampling of liquids on pharmaceutical, chemical, Food & Beverage and cosmetics products such as sanitary industry.

  • Ceramic Valves

    Ceramic Ball Valve, Ceramic Sliding Disc Valve,Ceramic Butterfly Valve, Ceramic gate Valve and Ceramic Pipe Fitting can be applied to wear resistant, strong corrosion, high temperature, high pressure etc. Stringent and complex working conditions.

  • Marine & Industry Valves

    Globe Valves, Check Valve,Butterfly Valve,Gate Valve, Quick Closing Valve,Self Closing Valve, Storm Valve,Strainer etc. products for shipbuilding and repair of maritime, chemical and petrochemical, oil and gas, power generation etc. any industry.

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