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Sealing - Clamp Gaskets & O-Ring

Steam-Flon Gaskets ( PTFE + SS316L)Download
  • Steam-Flon Gaskets ( PTFE + SS316L)

    Komo can to provide the material Steam-Flon® for sanitary gaskets and some other innovative products. This material is a unique blend of non-pigmented PTFE and 316L stainless steel powder. The mechanical properties of this compound are very interesting because it virtually eliminates the cold flow problems we experience with, for example, virgin PTFE gaskets.

    Cold flow is the term we use for the movement of plastic under permanent load/stress, a state that is used with static seals. Cold flow increases at elevated temperatures. Material of the gasket is slowly moving towards the inside of the fitting and creates a beat. This beat leads to flow restriction and is a potential area for particles/bacterial entrapment. The Steam-Flon® material takes the cold flow out of the equation, creating a very stable seal with no leaks even at large temperature fluctuations.

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