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    Diaphragm pumps are characterized by exceptional performance, power and strength, making them ideal for pumping liquids with high apparent viscosity even if containing suspended solids, application for all kind of industry.

Food-Processing And Sanitary Diaphragm Pumps - 3A
Sanitary diaphragm pump for handling food and pharmaceutical fluids.
Their constructive principle makes them especially suitable for heavy applications with a lot of humidity or in a potentially explosive environment (atex certification).
3A certified, made with mechanically polished AISI316 l, the saniboxer pump is designed for the food-processing,cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

Quick emptying system

Made in Aisi316 mechanically polished (roughness < 0,8μm)
The surfaces, as smooth as a millpond, the absence of grooves where fluid’s residues could deposit, allow an easy cleaning of the pump and prevent the consequent formation of bacteria, essential requirement in order to achieve the 3A certification.

Easy-clean valve patent system
The valve’s especial shape locks the sphere and at the same time prevents the formation of fluid’s residues, allowing an easy cleaning.

Diaphragms made of PTFE with EPDM support.
Special “hygienic” design, without fixing nut, this profile avoids residues’ deposit and make its cleaning easier.
Conform 3-A Sanitary Standards, FDA 21 CFR §177

Food-processing diaphragm pumps - FDA

The stall-prevention pneumatic system assures a safe pump running and it does not need lubricated air. Self-priming dry capacity even with considerable suction head, fine tuning of speed without pressure loss and the possibility of dry operation without suffering damage mean that these pumps offer unrivalled versatility. In addition, the huge choice of construction materials allows selection of optimum chemical compatibility with the fluid and/or environment without neglecting the temperature range. They are specifically designed for demanding applications with high humidity or in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX certification).

Main Features
→ Available in AISI 316 electro-polished
→ Use in potentially-explosive atmospheres (atex zone 1-2 certification)
→ Suitable for demanding applications and high-humidity environments
→ Dry operation
→ Dry self-priming
→ Actuated using non-lubricated air
→ Stall-prevention pneumatic circuit
→ Adjustable flow rate and head
→ Fine tuning of motor speed at constant pressure
→ Twin-manifold option (two suction and two delivery)
→ Bench or ceiling installation
→ Three suction and delivery positions
→ User-friendly maintenance and parts replacement
→ Excellent performance and value for money
→ Conform FDA

Container Pumps

The drum and container pumps are constructed to assure safety and economy when transferring neutral, aggressive and flammable liquids from different-sized containers. They will used for pumping aqueous and light viscous liquids in mobile or stationary use.

→ Versatile use
→ Interchangeable motors & pump tubes
→ Application-oriented performance
→ Tried and tested design
→ Modular construction 
→ Proven high quality materials
→ Ease of maintenance & service
→ All Kind of Materials Customize
→ Conform FDA 
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