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  • Rubber Hose

    FDA rubber hoses and Food Grade rubber hoses are designed to transport a wide variety of fluids without imparting odor or taste and are specifically designed for sanitary suction and discharge application.

  • Silicone Hose

    The high purity platinum-cured and peroxide-cured silicone hoses are clean room produced for critical pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic, and food applications.

  • PVC Hoses

    PVC hoses are designed to transport a wide variety of fluids without imparting odor or taste. Non-toxic, non pyrogenic, and alkaline resistant, these features render our hoses ideal for food/beverage, laboratory and surgical/hospital applications.

  • Smoothbore Fluoropolymer Hoses

    The full line of flexible smoothbore FEP, PFA and PTFE lined sanitary hoses for Sanitary and Industrial applications, Smoothbore fluoropolymer lined hoses are recommended for sanitary and high temperature applications.

  • Convoluted PTFE Hoses

    The convoluted PTFE hoses are manufactured with smooth, rounded, helical shaped convolutions whoch help promote easy cleaning and self-draining for the ulitmate high purity, convoluted hose.

  • Metal Hoses

    The metal hoses are designed for industrial applications where rigid connections are impractical. The PTFE-lined metal hose assemblies provide a bacteria-free, crevice-free contact surface.

  • Heating Hoses

    Whenever media needs to be transported from a device or a system to some other part of the device or system, and the piping cannot be rigidly installed, flexible heated hose lines can be used for transportation purposes.

  • Accessories

    Kome can be provided the all kinds of Accessories for various piping and hose systems, and meet various standard and requirement according to different industries.

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