• Valves

    Safety Relief-valve, Pressure Reducing Valve, Initial Pressure Controller, Vacuum Control Valve, Vacuum Pressure Relief Valve, Differential Pressure Control Valve, Temperature Control Valve, Ceramic Valve, Tank Bottom Valve, Diaphragm Valve, sampling valve and other industry valves solustions for any industry.

  • Pumps

    Magnetic Drive Pump, Container Pump, Dosing Pump, Peristaltic Pump,Rotary Pump, Centrifugal Pump, Screw Pump, Diaphragm Pump etc.pump solutions application to Food & Beverage, Daily Chemical, Pharmacy, Beer ect.sanitary industry and other industry.

  • Rupture Discs

    Komo & Noricos provide the integrated type and split type rupture discs, can be satisfied food and sanitary requirement, corresponding sensor signal output, also can be application to other traditional industry.

  • Sealing & Clamp Gaskets

    ASME BPE Gasket,DIN32676 Reihe A Gasket,DIN32676 Reihe B Gasket,DIN32676 Reihe C Gasket,ISO2852 Gasket,BS4825 Gasket,SMS3018 Gasket,SMS3019 Gasket,SMS1149 Union Gasket Union Fitting Gaskets, PTFE Envelope EPDM clamp gaskets, PTFE Envelope FKM clamp gaskets, PTFE bonding EPDM clamp gaskets,Ultrapharma exclusive authorised sole agent in China, Ultrapharma exclusive authorised distributor in China,Ultrapharma sole agent in China,Ultrapharma Clamp Gaskets, Ultrapharma O-Ring, Ultrapharma Sealing Gaskets, Ultrapharma ASME BPE Clamp Gaskets,Clamp Gaskets, Ultrapharma DIN 32676 Clamp Gaskets, Ultrapharma DIN 11864 food Class O-Ring, Ultrapharma DIN 11851, DIN 11852, DIN 11853, Union thread fitting gaskets,SMS1149,SMS3018 Union thread fitting O-Ring,Ultrapharma sampling gaskets, Ultrapharma ISO 2852 clamp gaskets,clamp gaskets, Ultrapharma ISO 3018 clamp gaskets,Ultrapharma ISO 3019 clamp gaskets,clamp gaskets,BS 4285, ISO 2852, Ultrapharma EPDM clamp gaskets, Ultrapharma FKM 32676 clamp gaskets, Ultrapharma Platinum cured silicone gaskets, Ultrapharma PTFE gaskets, Ultrapharma NBR gaskets, Ultrapharma food gaskets, Ultrapharma FDA gaskets, Ultrapharma USP Class VI gaskets, Ultrapharma Pharmaceutical class grade gaskets,SAE AS568 sanitary class pharmaceutical O-Ring,ISO 3601 sanitary class pharmaceutical O-Ring,SAE AS568 FDA, USP Class VI,ISO 10993,Medical class grade gasket,Noricos Control Systems,Komo Industrial Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd

  • Hose & Fittings

    Rubber Hose,Silicone Hose, PTEF Hose, Heating Hose, Flexible Metal Hose, Hydraulic Hose, Sanitary Hose, Industry Hose, Seal & O-Ring, Special Material Tube,application to Food & Beverage, Pharmacy sanitary industry and other traditional industry.

  • Instrument Measurements

    Flow Meter, Conductivity, Concentration Measurement, Pressure, Temperature, Level etc. complete instrument measurement and control sulotion application to Food & Beverage, Pharmacy sanitary industry and other traditional industry.

  • Expansion Joints

    Metal Expansion Joint, Rubber Expansion Joint, can be satisfied food sanitary requirement, FDA certificate can be provided, application to Food & Beverage, Daily Chemical, Pharmacy, shipbuilding ,chemical and petrochemical, oil and gas, water management, power generation Industry.

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